Privacy Policy

Privacy is the number one priority of our website. We care about our reader’s privacy. The data we collect from them is just used for purposeful things and we don’t share it with any other website. Our privacy policy includes how we collect your data and how it gets used. When you interact with our site you give us some general information that is stored by our website and then we use it to enhance your experience on our site.

Gathered data:

The required information or data as well as the reason for its collection will be explained to you when you will give us that data. The date that we gather is usually your name, email address and IP address of your computer.

Moreover, there is some information that you will give us voluntarily because you want to get registered on our site. Some information is collected through third parties as well.

Use of information 

Our website wants to provide its users healthy and informative content. The collected data is used for given reasons:

  • To be level with your preferences.
  • To keep you updated with the content uploaded on our site.
  • To let you give you suggestions on the areas that our site needs to improve.
  • To send you emails related to your favorite interests.
  • To detect fraudulent acts on our site.
  • To provide third-party ads of your concern.

Cookies and third parties:

Cookies are very very helpful to record your past activities on our site and it also helps you to suggest future details. Third parties are used by all sites and act as advertisers. Our site also has connections with them. If you are in contact with them, you must check their policies because we are not responsible for their privacy. They have their own things and if you want to block them you can do it from your phone’s settings.

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