Best Chargers to the DualSense PS5 Controller

The DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 is a reflection of the current state of gaming. While maintaining the retro Playstation design of the previous DualShock controllers, the construction has grown bulkier and is more akin to an Xbox controller. These controllers also have the advantage of being able to be charged using any USB type C cable, which are now commonplace in the majority of homes.

Despite this, gamers should still use caution when deciding which devices to use to charge their DualSense controller. Only a 5 volt battery can power the controller itself. When connected to the typical 9v chargers for smartphones, the DualShock controllers were infamous for burning out.

Although the DualSense controller is designed to work with these chargers and lock the voltage at 5 volts, you should never take chances with dubious or inexpensive hardware that might not respect the maximum capacity of your controller. We’ve created a list of the top chargers designed especially for the DualSense PS5 controller because of this.

PlayStation 5 Razer quick charging stand


These days, Razer is a well-known brand when it comes to the creation of PC accessories and hardware, and they have now branched out into the console gaming industry with products like their quick charging station for the DualSense controller. This charger, which resembles a docking station for the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, claims to fully charge your controller in less than three hours. If aesthetics are important to you, this charger also offers a choice of three different colors that you can mix and match with your controller. Naturally, it has the same connectivity as USB C, so no additional hardware is require to use this (aside from your controller, of course.) With Razer’s quick charging station, all of this is reasonably priced. Why We Suggestion modern docking station layout different color schemes USB C compatibility Best Offers of the Day Search on Amazon

PS5 controller NexiGo Enhanced charger

You must choose NexiGo’s PS5 charger if all you’re after is functionality, functionality, and more functionality. This piece of equipment can charge two PS5 controllers on a single station and is price for pure affordability. Despite its basic appearance and lack of color or design customization options, you still get a reliable product. If you want to use both slots for two controllers, make sure to look for a dual charging USB C brick because this product doesn’t come with one. Why We Suggestion reasonably priced USB C connectivity and dual controller compatibility The Best Offers Today on Amazon

PS5 controller heater charger

Another affordable choice that adds some extra flair at the expense of charging speed is Heatfun’s PS5 charging station. This PS5 charger comes with its own USB C charging cable, has a vertical design that can help tie the aesthetics of a gaming room together, and can hold up to two controllers. However, a longer charge time is require to make up for the low price point. This piece of hardware is one of the slower chargers on this list. Taking four hours to fully charge the device. Why We Suggestion reasonably priced Vertical format Best Deals today: two controllers compatible Search on Amazon

PS5 charging station from OIVO

The cheapest item on the list, Oivo’s charger requires a little bit more work than the other straightforward “plug and charge” style chargers—but not much more! In order to enable quick charging for both controllers without ever running the risk of overusing current, this dual charger, which costs less than $10, offers users an integrated chip that matches the current voltage requirements of their PS5 controller. Faster charging is made possible at safe levels. It has a straightforward design to match the stock DualSense aesthetics, and it includes a 31-inch USB C cable and two USB C dongles of its own. The dual charger from Oivo is effectively contain in a single inexpensive item. Why We Suggestion reasonably priced Two additional USB Type-C dongles for backup able to accommodate two controllers The Best Offers Today on Amazon


The more expensive model of Oivo’s dual charger is the second charger on this list. This version includes a PS5 stand that gives users an additional fan to cool the PS5 with air. This is a great feature for people who keep their PS5 on carpets. Because soft flooring can easily prevent the PS5 from getting the proper cooling it needs. Which reduces performance through throttling and shortens the PS5’s lifespan. Additionally, because the USB C ports for the charger are design to be right next to the USB C ports for the console. And can charge a controller to its maximum capacity in under three hours. This stand serves as a natural extension between the charging station and the console itself. Of course, there is space on this charger for two controllers as well. Why We Suggestion added cooling practical charging able to accommodate two controllers.

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DualSense Playstation charging station

Going with the official product can occasionally be the best choice for many people. The DualSense dual charger from Sony is a straightforward item with a mid-range price. That gives users the assurance that their charger is legitimately made by Sony especially for the DualSense controller. It isn’t the most affordable option and can’t be customize in any way. But it’s not outrageously expensive, has Sony’s seal of approval. And supports two controllers at once to conserve USB ports on the console. For the majority of users, these are the only specifications they have right away for a charger. Why We Suggestion authorized Sony charger able to simultaneously use two controllers price range in the middle. The Best Offers Today on Amazon
Getting a separate, dedicated charger for your DualSense controllers can help shorten charging times. Conserve USB C ports, and may even improve cooling, depending on the charger you get. The PS5 supports charging via the console’s USB C ports.

This list includes a variety of chargers to assist you in selecting the Black Friday Deals PS5 one that is best for you, whether it be due to appearance, functionality, or cost. Whatever option you select, it will all help you conserve storage space. Return to gaming quickly and with a full battery.

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