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Care And Description About Philodendron Gloriosum Zebra




The foliage of the Philodendron Zebra is exquisitely tropical. This hybrid stands out thanks to its white stripes on dark green oval leaves. Add more leaves to make it a really attractive and vibrant houseplant. They radiate outward from a solid central core. It is a small, non-climbing type. Philodendron is a native of the Americas and is a perennial in South American jungles. Beautiful houseplant is a philodendron! It cleans the air and is simple to maintain. Young plants made from tissue culture of this plant are offered all year round.

Another plant for collectors is the Philodendron Gloriosum Zebra. Through all of the leaves, the veining on these is beautifully highlighted.


These plants are now prepared for their new homes after four weeks of acclimatisation. Once they are acquired, it is advised to keep them between 19 and 24 °C; at least 70 to 80 percent of the plants are now acclimatising. for at least the upcoming couple months, humidity.


For the following 12 months, please do not repot or alter the mix in any way. If you feel the urge, contact us for the finest guidance.



The ideal lighting is indirect. Away from windows, they’ll thrive. Only water the upper half of the soil since they dislike soggy dirt. Your gloriosum should be watered till it drips. To rescue the plant, drain the water after that. For spring and summer, fertilise plants every month. Gloriosums enjoy damp soil and perlite. A fresh pot will be needed come spring. Provide a large pot for side growth for your gloriosum. Sideways growing in a big window planter But let it to creep and grow large leaves! For a gloriosum, 50% is ideal, but up to 80% is doable. They need at least 50%. With moisture, leaf fungus multiplies. Temperatures between 18 and 27 °C (64 and 81 °F) are ideal for Gloriosum. A cold draught can be lethal.


Extremely bright environments should be avoided, though.


Moderate irrigation is recommended; water only when the substrate begins to gradually dry out. requires a moderately high ambient humidity level (60 to 80%).

Range of temperatures: 

15 to 30 oC


 We recommend our loose substrate for orchids and araceae since it is rich in organic content.

Estimated height:

30-35 centimetres in length.

You can read more about philodendron gloriosum zebra on purple heart plant 




We have different varieties of one plant in our nursery. Since plants are living things, they occasionally differ from one another. Therefore, colour and size variations are conceivable.


The images displayed beside our products are stock images. These images give a clear idea of how the plant will seem if it is properly cared for. The specifications are the most reliable predictor of the product’s appearance.

What is causing the yellowing of my Philodendron gloriosum?

There are several causes of yellow leaves on Philodendron gloriosums, but the two that are most frequently cited are entirely dried-out potting soil and damp potting soil. As long as the top two inches of soil are constantly and moderately moist, the plant doesn’t have too many watering requirements.

The Philodendron gloriosum costs a lot—why?

Due to their scarcity and high demand, Philodendron gloriosum plants are pricey. Additionally, because of their slow growth and limited supply, breeders can charge more for these popular houseplants.

What is the growth rate of Philodendron gloriosum?

Plants of the Philodendron gloriosum species grow slowly. A fresh leaf may take one to two months to fully unfold.

Canines and felines are Philodendron gloriosum toxic?

All aroid plants create calcium oxalate crystals, even though it would be quite unlikely for a plant like Philodendron gloriosum to really harm your animal pals. When consumed, they can produce an unpleasant burning feeling in the mouth and throat.


Give your pet lots of water and watch for swelling if you believe they have gotten into your Philodendron.

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