Definition of the Summary Preliminary Project or APS

Definition of the Summary Preliminary Project or APS

Whenwe talk about a project of rural development or otherproject, weoften talk about a Summary preliminaryproject or APS. This isnecessarybefore the implementation of a project. In general, itis the design office or the consultant whotakes charge of drafting the summary draft under the recommendations of the parties concerned, namely the institutions, organizations or donors. But whatdoes a Basic Draft reallyconsistof ?

Definition of the Summary Preliminary Project or APS

When an interior designer, architect, or draftsmancompletes a project, theyperformdifferenttasks. Thesetasks correspond to progression stages that are alwaysbuilt in the sameway over time. Here, wewill focus on the APS phase (pre-projectsummary). Each stage consists of itsownassignedgraphicelements. Beginnerswillhear about EDL, ESQ, APS, APD, PC EXE, DCE, DQE, etc. If no one explainsit to you, youwon’tunderstandit. It’s normal, don’t panic. Most studentswhocomplete the school curriculum do not have a good command of thesedifferent stages. It takes a littleexperiencewith a professional to know and know how to do this. Whatever the nature of yourproject, whetheryou are working on a renovation, construction or renovationproject, whetheryou are dealingwithindividuals or professionals, certain steps are mandatory. The steps are always the same. To summarize the projectis part of it. It iseven one of the best moments of yourwork…

The Summary Draft must beclear, concise and attractive at the same time. But why ? A draft summaryis essential. Itsroleis to presentyour imagination in planning and quantity. But becareful, you are no longer at the sketch stage. All of your hard work over the past few weeksis for him: a wrap-up draft. Whatyoupresent must be chiadé. Simply becauseit’s a sale item. Even better, it’s the first time you show your work in a tangible way. These are the first neat and preciseelementsthatyoupresent to yourcustomers. The previouselementswere sketches, intentions, axes, ideas… but here, youhardly have to touchthemanymore. Also, you must be consistent withyourallocated budget. This preliminarysummary article will let you know if you are in the right price range and even if you have improvedit. It is for thesereasonsthatitiscalled a “summary”. Indeed, if you do not respect your budget, itwill serve as a basis for discussions to find more suitable alternative solutions. Before fixing the project, youwill enter the APD stage (before the detailedproject).

What are the contents of a SummaryDraft ?

The constituent elements of a Basic Draft have already been mentioned a little in the previous paragraph, but nowwewill go into a little more detail. First, a Preliminary Draft must containte chnicalspecifications. Sometechnical solutions from all the worksmentioned in the previous missions are retainedhere, whileothers are completely abandoned. The general composition isformalized in different plans (plans, sections, elevations, etc.) to determine the dimensions and volumes (interior and exterior). Previouslysketched construction projects have also been furtherexplored. All the components of a construction project are detailed in order to understand the successive phases of construction of the stakeholders, materials and applicable equipment.

The Summary Pre-Project must alsopresent a provisionalestimate and a provisionalschedule. If we go into a little more detail, a Detailed Preliminary Project must containseveralelements, namely the graphicformalization of the proposed detailed design in the form of plans, sections, elevations, of the structure and itssurroundingsoutside the buildingscale of 1/100 (1cm/m) with certain details at 1/50 (2 cm/m), plans of structural principles and theirpredimensioning; single-line plots of networks and terminals on typical areas on a scale of 1/100 (heating, ventilation, plumbing, electricity, etc.), the basic plots of external networks (1/100), the table of detailed surfaces and the detailed description of the construction principles of foundations and structures. Theseelementsvarydepending on the project to becarried out and the list can beeven longer.

The estimatedamount of the workwill beadjusted by trades, in support of the validatedchoices. The project manager isintended to commit to the execution of the works on the basis of thiscostestimate, provisional at this stage, that the master. In addition, the project, as ittakesshape, allows the establishment of a provisionalschedule. The overallcompletion time iscalculatedaccording to an intervention orderfrom all the companies as the work progresses. Generally, the note on the overall lead time resultingfrom the sketch studyisrepeated and detailed.

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