Get High Power With The Extreme 80 Ah Battery

An extreme battery is a type of rechargeable battery that uses lithium-ion technology. The 12V 80 ah battery has high voltage, high energy density and excellent power performance, so it has become increasingly popular in the market. This type of battery has been tested and proven to keep its charge even during the most extreme weather conditions, making it perfect for use in harsh environments. The 80Ah extreme battery also offers a more extensive load range than other models on the market.

High Power Density

One of the most important aspects of this battery is its power density. Power density refers to how much energy can be stored in a given space. A high-power density battery can store more energy in a smaller area than other types of batteries. This makes these batteries ideal for applications such as electric vehicles, which need to carry large amounts of energy without being too bulky or heavy.

High-power density also means that your battery won’t have to be changed as often as lower-capacity models, reducing the time and money you will spend on maintenance.

The main advantage to having a high-power density device like an electric vehicle is clear: when you’re travelling at speed with several passengers on board, there’s no room for error! Suppose something starts going wrong with your car’s engine. In that case, it could mean disaster if there isn’t enough power stored inside each cell – especially since today’s EVs are built with safety features that require extra energy.

Low Self-Discharge Rate

The self-discharge rate of this extreme battery is very low. You can store the extreme battery for long periods without being charged. It is suitable for the long-term storage of energy.

80ah Hardcore Batteries Have No Memory Effect

One of the biggest advantages of these hardcore batteries is that it does not have a “memory effect.” Most batteries, like a car or laptop, will lose their capacity if you don’t completely discharge them and then fully recharge them. This can lead to having to charge your battery before every use—you’ll be able to get fewer cycles out of your device before it dies.

Safer Than A Lead–Acid Battery

This battery is much safer. Lead-acid batteries are toxic and can cause serious health problems if mishandled, so you should always be sure to use protective equipment when working with them.

Extreme batteries, on the other hand, don’t contain any toxic materials or chemicals and are, therefore, completely safe for their users. You won’t need any special gear to handle an extreme battery because there’s no risk of injury from exposure to its components.

Extreme Service Performance In The Most Extreme Conditions

This battery is designed to withstand the harshest conditions, so you can use it in remote areas and even under the most challenging situations. It allows you to use your electronics without worrying about the power supply. With a capacity of 80 Ah, this battery has enough energy to power up your equipment for hours without worrying about running out of juice at an inconvenient time.

You Can Use A 12V 80Ah Extreme Battery For A Long Time For High Performance.

You can use this battery for a long time for high-performance, high-power, and heavy-load equipment. It is a better choice than the traditional lead-acid battery. The 12V 80Ah extreme battery provides amazing power to your equipment and frequently saves you money on replacing batteries.

Extreme service performance in the most extreme conditions:

  • High discharge current: up to 300A (3min)
  • Low discharge voltage: 2.9V per cell at full charge with standby time at 3hrs/day, continuous float charge after discharge. When applied on system standby mode, it can be charged automatically once it reaches 4.1V per cell; otherwise, it will stop charging until 0V and then be recharged immediately.

High-Duty Cycle Equipment Uses Extreme Batteries.

When looking for a battery, it is essential to consider the duty cycle of the equipment that will use it. A high-duty cycle means that there are frequent charges and discharges. If a battery has too low of a capacity, it can be damaged by this type of use. This battery has a high capacity and can handle frequent charging without damage.

It has been designed to last for many years under harsh conditions. It is resistant to vibration and shock as well as overcharging and over-discharge. These features make this battery ideal for electric vehicles or other similar applications where there is a lot of abuse that would typically destroy other batteries like lead acid or lithium-ion batteries.

Maintenance-Free 80ah Deep Cycle Battery

  • No need to check the water level in the 80ah deep cycle battery
  • No need to open the battery case
  • No need to add water, electrolyte or charge the battery
  • No need to discharge the battery or remove it from the equipment

The Extreme Battery Has A Very Long Life Span.

The life span of a 12V extreme battery is about 5 to 10 years. It can be used for a long time if you use it properly. The battery is durable and has a long life span, so you do not have to buy it often.

Applications Of 12-Volt 80ah Lithium Battery

The world is changing. We see more and more electric vehicles on the road, and they are not just big cars anymore. They’re small cars and vans too. And they need batteries that can provide enough power to get them going at a moment’s notice and keep them running when parked up for hours at a time. That is why we’ve created our 12-volt 80ah lithium battery range; it gives you all the power you could want in any vehicle, whether it’s an electric car or not.

Electric Cars

If you have an electric car, you will want to check out all the great benefits of the 12V extreme battery. They are ideal for golf buggies and wheelchairs, as well as RV batteries.

Golf Buggies

Golf buggies, carts and plant trolleys are ideal for this battery. The extreme battery is lightweight, has a long life, and can be used in extreme conditions such as wet, cold, and hot environments.


12V 80Ah batteries are great for electric cars, golf buggies, wheelchairs and RVs. This battery is the best option for both daily driving and long-distance travel. The 12V extreme battery can be used in your vehicle or as an extra power source for your business or construction equipment.

12V 80Ah Extreme Boat Battery

We have the solution if you are looking for the best 12V 80Ah extreme batteries for your electric boat. Potent and long-lasting deep-cycle batteries are perfect for powering electric boats, which use electricity to motor through the water. They require a lot of power and therefore need specialized deep-cycle batteries that can withstand heavy usage over an extended period.


This 80ah battery is the best choice for you. It’s not only robust but also durable and reliable. You can use it to power your equipment in any harsh environment and remote areas without an electricity supply. This battery provides impressive power to your equipment. For more details, reach out anytime to Deep Cycle Systems.

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