Hair Fall Control Shampoo Should Be Done Daily, Not Once

Most people complain that their hair falls a lot after shampooing. In such a situation, people shy away from shampooing and start shampooing once a week. Today we are telling why people shy away from shampooing and with this we will also know why hair fall control shampoo should be done daily. At the same time, by keeping some things in mind, how can you prevent hair fall during hair wash.

Why do people shy away from shampooing?

Many people are having a lot of hair fall while shampooing, in such a situation they shampoo only once a week, because they feel that shampooing daily can worsen the condition of their hair. However, most people are not shampooing because it causes a lot of hair fall. But if the reports are to be believed, the truth is that shampooing with the right product daily does not cause hair fall. Our Trichologist recommends daily cleansing of scalp and hair with a mild cleanser shampoo as it benefits your hair and scalp.

Why should shampoo daily?

About 80 to 100 hairs fall every day due to health hair loss. However, in the cycle of continuous hair growth and hair fall, hair is being regenerated. You can see the most hairfall while brushing your hair or after washing your hair. Shampooing your hair daily helps to remove the hair fall so that new hair can take its place. If reports are to be believed, people who shampoo only once or twice a week may notice excessive amount of hair fall while washing their hair. On the other hand, people who shampoo daily, their healthy range of about 80 to 100 hairs per day may fall short.

Take Care of These Things

1) Stay away from hot water

Hot water helps wash scalp oils from your scalp and unclog pores, making your hair weak and causing hair loss. Although the weather is hot, cold water can be used, but if you want to avoid washing your hair with cold water, the best way is to use lukewarm water. But try to use normal water only.

2) Don’t forget to apply conditioner

Many people believe that it is not necessary to apply conditioner after every shampoo, however, this thinking is absolutely wrong. Without conditioner, your hair becomes frizzy, frizzy and prone to hair fall. If you want that you do not have such a problem, then use a good conditioner after every shampoo use, by doing this your hair becomes strong. At the same time, the hair remains soft and there is less hair fall during shampooing.

3) Do not comb wet hair during shower

When hair is wet, it is the weakest and most fragile. Many people brush wet hair just before applying shampoo, so stop this practice if you do, as it can damage your hair. This is one of the main reasons for hair fall while washing hair. At the same time, due to this, the problem of hair breakage also increases.

4) Use a pre-shampoo deep conditioner

You can use a pre-shampoo deep conditioner before shampooing to help detangle the hair easily and give it more protection.

You can choose from makeup, hair care, skin care, hair color and more. The products from L’Oreal are luxurious and effective. Worldwide, this brand sells some product every 50 seconds. You too can pick the best L’Oreal Paris shampoo according to your hair type.

Today here we will be reviewing an amazing shampoo known as Repair 3x Anti Hair Fall Shampoo. This shampoo from This is enriched with Arginine. The amino acids present in it are very important for hair growth and maintenance. This shampoo promotes hair growth by nourishing the roots and promoting faster hair growth. Apart from this, it is also known to accelerate blood circulation in the scalp. From here you can get retinol serum for yourself.

Shampoo Claims

  1. Nourish the Hair Roots
  2. Regenerate Hair Fibers
  3. Strengthens Hair, Detangles Hair and Makes Hair More Resistant from Root to Tip.

In Favor Of

Regular use of this reduces hair fall.

  1. Strengthens the hair roots and increases the rate of hair growth.
  2. Stimulate the hair follicles to start the process of hair growth.
  3. Nourishes hair roots and improves their structure
  4. good smelling

In Opposition

  1. can make hair oily
  2. a bit expensive
  3. contains sulfates

Even though this product is a bit pricey but it does the job it claims. It reduces hair fall and breakage and makes hair smooth. The effect of this shampoo can be seen right after the first wash. If your hair is also broken or weak or is not healthy then you must also buy it.

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