How to get to Desert Safari Dubai by bus

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, look no further than a Dubai Desert Safari by bus! This activity will allow you to explore some of the most stunning landscapes in Dubai while enjoying nature’s beautiful sounds. Here are some of the best benefits of taking this adventure.

Desert Safari Tour is About 3 hours.

The Tour itself lasts approximately 3 hours and includes a variety of activities. You will tour the desert safari on a traditional camel or SUV and enjoy several activities such as sandboarding, sky diving, and more! You will also be treated to a traditional Emirati lunch during the Tour. This meal is served as a buffet-style dinner, allowing you to sample various delicious dishes. 

There is always a chance of spotting some exotic wildlife along the way. You may even come across some local fauna, including gazelles, foxes, and even the elusive Arabian Oryx! This activity is also a great way to experience different aspects of Dubai. Most people spend their time in the Dubai malls, shopping or enjoying the restaurants in the city. But this experience allows you to see the city’s true beauty while simultaneously enjoying yourself!

Desert Safari Begins

The desert safari begins after you’re picked up from your hotel in the morning. You’ll then travel to the desert aboard one of our comfortable buses. Our guide will also entertain you with fascinating stories about the region’s history. Once we arrive at the desert, you’ll board your transportation and begin your journey.

Activities to Do in Desert Safari Dubai Tour

The Tour is around three hours, with various stops en route for various activities. You can sandboard down a small dune and watch as your friends jump off dunes at speeds of up to 50mph! There are also plenty of opportunities to take pictures of you and your friends in your natural surroundings. As you return to the bus, you’ll stop to enjoy a delicious traditional Arabic lunch at a local Bedouin campsite. It’s a great way to meet people worldwide while enjoying a delicious meal in a beautiful setting. Once you’ve had time to relax, you’ll head back to the bus stop where you’re met and taken back to your accommodation.

A unique way to spend a day in Dubai

A day out in the desert, Safari is a unique way to spend a day in Dubai. Many tourists head into the city to go shopping or visit the top tourist attractions, but there is much to see and do out here in the desert!

● Enjoy a fun-filled day out with friends and family 

● Sand boarding down the dunes 

● Ride camels on the beach 

● Take in the beautiful desert safari tour scenery 

● Witness the sunset 

● Relax with your friends and family at a Bedouin campsite 

● Enjoy a BBQ buffet lunch • After lunch, enjoy camel rides on the beach 

● See a falconry show featuring a variety of birds 

● Learn about Emirati culture in a dhow cruise 

● Immerse yourself into the hustle and bustle of a traditional souk 

● Learn about the true history of the region on board our bus as it travels along the old routes used years ago by merchants between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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