5 Steps to increase the value of your products and services

value of your products and services

Successful high ticket salespersons leverage specific techniques and data-backed strategies. These techniques will be specific to your business, your sales team, and your buyers. One example is being confident in asking for a higher price. This is especially important when selling high-ticket items. If you don’t ask for a high price, you will be unlikely to sell the item.

Build rapport with high-ticket clients

When selling to high-ticket clients, it is important to build rapport with them. This involves showing them the value of your products and services, which can help them make a decision. High-ticket clients often have a difficult time making decisions, and they may be watching their body language to gauge whether you are being approachable and helpful.


If you want to close more sales, you must be consistent in your follow-up efforts. This means addressing your prospects’ concerns and delivering value-added information. When following up with customers, send short emails or make phone calls to give them the opportunity to hear more about your offerings.

If you’re working with high-ticket sales, you should always ask probing questions to understand your leads’ needs. You must know their pain and what they hope to achieve. Often, people do not buy products, services, or things, but results. It is important to understand why people buy, so you should always ask them why they need your services.


A good sales script is essential to closing a high ticket sales. It should help you uncover information about your prospective buyer that is relevant to your product or service and establish a powerful frame of reference for the rest of the call. It should also include questions to gauge the level of commitment to buy.

Many aspiring salespeople ask how to write a sales script. They assume it’s the best way to sell a product or service. Using a script is a great way to replicate the strategies and systems used by successful salespeople. Not only does a script help you replicate a proven formula, but it also ensures that you’re being completely present when speaking with your prospects. Using a script also helps you follow a map during the call, which is a key element in securing a sale.


High ticket sales require an extremely high level of preparation. This is why salespeople need to use templates. High ticket offers are often limited in scope and exclusive. While they can be tempting, the buyers must weigh their need to solve a problem against the risk of a lost investment. Using templates can help mitigate risk by tailoring the message and the offer to the buyer’s needs.

In order to succeed with high ticket sales, salespeople must first understand their buyer persona. This persona has some unique attributes, so it is important to consider these when creating a sales process. For example, a high ticket buyer is likely to have done a lot of research about the product and the company that is selling it.

Price resistance

As the stock price approaches price resistance, there are many things to look for. As the price rises toward the resistance level, the sellers of the stock are more likely to sell it and the buyers are less likely to buy it. When this happens, it is a sign that the stock is about to make a big move.

One way to overcome price resistance is to make the prospect feel like they have control over the decision. This can be accomplished by demonstrating how straightforward your dealing will be. By demonstrating that the sale is not going to be difficult, the prospect will feel as though they are in control.

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