Which are the best PHP development companies in India?

In the field of web development, PHP has gained much importance, no matter there are the emergence of newbie technologies every year. Because of this, the number of PHP development companies has increased globally. India is also included in it. If you search for the top PHP web development company in Noida, then Agio is the right platform to look for. Besides this, you can look for a PHP development company in Delhi also. 

Witnessing the cut-throat competition among the PHP development firms where every company is taking pride in itself in facilitating their clients with great services via delivering amazing projects, has become a tedious task in searching for the best PHP development company that fulfills the needs of the customers. Well, if it seems too challenging for you, then leave the brainstorming exercise, as I am here to list down some of the best PHP development companies in India. 

Top PHP development companies in India

Below are the best PHP development companies in India that you need to know:

Agio Support Solutions Private Limited

When it comes to listing the top PHP development companies, then Agio tops the list in being the affordable company that guarantees in pulling your product upward in a scalable manner. Hence if you find the need of any app developer, then Agio is the right platform for consideration. It is based in Noida. 

Parangat Technologies

Moving to the next is Parangat Technologies. The company deals in providing development services and mobile/web-based apps to its customers. It claims to be the best PHP development firm in India due to its enhanced expertise in specialized tech services. Be it start-ups or mid-level enterprises, Parangat Technologies help them in their mobile strategies and make them acquainted with end-to-end solutions from conceptualization to deployment and support. Services that Parangat Technologies deals in include blockchain development, open-source & eCommerce Development, and web development. The industries it serves are Travel & Hospitality, eCommerce, Healthcare & Fitness, Logistics, and Food & Restaurant. 

Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains made its inception in 2003. It is also counted among the top-rated PHP development companies in not only India but also in the United States. Hidden Brains has gained popularity for providing help not only the large enterprises’ design, but also to minor businesses, and even startups via the design, development, and launching of better quality custom app development solutions. Hidden Brains holds the record of finishing 3757 web applications or more than it for its clients around the world across more than 39 industries. The industries served by this PHP development company include eLearning, Healthcare, Social Networking, Energy, Logistics, Media & Entertainment, Energy, Manufacturing, eCommerce, and even Real Estate.

Zealous Systems

Joining the list is Zealous Systems. This PHP development company has a specialty in offering full-scale business solutions in mobile, web, and desktop app development. It is known for providing end-to-end web development solutions by strategically blending the latest web technologies with big project development methodologies like Agile, and using sturdy project management mechanisms for the delivery of projects of high quality. Zealous Systems has remained consistent in meeting the needs of customers. And this makes the company stand among high-ranked PHP development companies in India. It serves industries including Government, Corporate, Transport, Catering, Logistics, and Hospitality. 

IndiaNIC InfoTech

Last on the list is IndiaNIC InfoTech, one of the best companies for PHP development in India. The company puts a prime focus on resolving complicated issues with PHP solutions that are effective on the web. IndiaNIC InfoTech comprises a team of more than 400 engineers, leaders, and project managers. They are always prepared in helping their clients in the creation of a better product. 

There is one more big reason why I have listed IndiaNIC InfoTech in this list. This PHP development company has garnered much appreciation for its stupendous outcome. The company is mainly known for AR/VR Development, Mobile App Development, and Web Development. 

IndiaNIC InfoTech has also been successful in providing its services in PHP development to large, medium, and small companies for over two decades. That is why it has been on the top-rank list of PHP development companies in India. Telecom, Media, Retail, Banking, and FMCG are the industries that explore its services. 

What makes PHP so important in use?

PHP stands for Hypertext PreProcessor. It is mostly regarded for web development and is highly approachable for numerous reasons. The major advantage of PHP is it is not at all difficult to set up as it is very simple and cheap. This makes the deployment of running server-side applications very easy. 

PHP can be defined as an open-source programming language. It finds the best use for developers who need not have to pay for it. Plus, there is no cost for the PHP framework when using it. This results in a faster speed of web applications. PHP functions on all operating systems and does not need any special software for web applications to render on the web browser. You should also note the fact that PHP still holds its importance in being used as backend technology by many web applications on the internet

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