Difference Between Sworn and Certified Translation in Dubai

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If you are looking for a certified translation of documents, you must first understand the types of translations. There are two types of translations available: certified translation and sworn translation. You must know the variations in translations to obtain one that matches your demands.

So today, I will explain the difference between certified and sworn translations in Dubai. Moreover, give you some advice that will assist you in decision-making.

What is a Certified Translation?

A certified translation is a document translated by an approved professional translator who can certify that the translation is true and accurate. Certified documents are often used for official purposes, such as

  • Visa applications
  • Educational documents
  • Legal paperwork
  • Business documents

It is important that when you need a certified translation, you ensure that the translator is a qualified and certified true translator. In Dubai, certified translations are provided by accredited organizations, such as Translation Excellence or Alliance Translations.

The translator will typically translate the document from the original language into Arabic or any other native language. And then issue a certificate of accuracy that attests to the quality of their work. The document will also include the translator’s signature and date. It is important to note that not all document translations are eligible for certification. It is best to check with the issuing authority of your document to see if certification is available before engaging a certified translator.

What is a Sworn Translation?

A sworn translation, also known as an official translation, is translated by a true certified translator and certified by an authorized body. This type of translation is necessary for official government documents, such as,

  • Birth certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage certificates

In the UAE, a sworn translation must be carried out by a certified document translation service recognized by the local government. A certified translation document issued by a professional and certified translation company in Dubai will guarantee that the translation is accurate and reliable.

Compared to a certified translation, a sworn translation is more rigorous as it is not just translated but also certified and signed off by an authorized entity, thus ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of the document.

The main difference between a certified and sworn translation is that only sworn translators have the authority to sign off on translations of official documents. As such, a sworn translator must pass an examination and fulfill certain requirements to become certified.

Which One Do I Need?

Deciding which type of translation service, you need in Dubai can be confusing. To help you make the right decision, it is important to understand the difference between certified and sworn translations.

Certified translation is a document translation performed by a translator certified by a professional body to translate documents from one language to another. Certified translators have met certain criteria to demonstrate their expertise in the chosen language pair and have been tested for accuracy. A certified document translation will include a signed declaration from the translator verifying that the document has been translated accurately and completely.

Sworn translation, also known as legal translation, requires the translator to swear an oath before a court of law or other public authority that the contents of the translated document are true and accurate. This type of document translation usually involves legal documents and public records, such as birth and marriage certificates, that must be translated to be accepted by foreign authorities. For this reason, only a certified true translator with the necessary qualifications can provide sworn translations in Dubai.

Tips for finding a qualified and experienced translator

Finding a qualified and experienced translator can be a big challenge. And especially if you are located in a place like Dubai, where numerous language service providers exist. Here are some tips to help you find the right translator:

Look for certifications and qualifications: When looking for a translator, it is important to ensure they have the necessary certifications and qualifications. Certifications ensure the translator has the knowledge and experience to provide accurate translations.

Check references: It’s important to ask for references when hiring a translator. Ask for the contact details of people who have used the translator’s services before so that you can get an honest review of their performance.

Research rates: Different translators charge different rates for their services. Make sure to research the market and get quotes from several translators before deciding. And this will ensure that you get the best possible rate for your project.

Request a sample: Requesting a sample of the translator’s work is essential to evaluate the quality of their work. Ask for a sample of previous translations or a translation of a short passage to gauge the accuracy and quality of their work.

Hire a true certified translator: A true certified translator has undergone rigorous training and has been assessed by an independent body to be granted this status. They are highly experienced and trusted, so it’s worth considering hiring one if you need a high-quality translation.


In summary, a certified translation is the way to go if you want a translation service for public documents like business materials or school transcripts. On the other hand, if you require a legal or public record translation, then a sworn translation is the most suitable choice.

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