The Importance of Design in Your Mobile Application

The mobile app development Dubai market is very huge and with startups rising and thriving in today’s digital atmosphere, having an app for your business is crucial. You need the attention of your customer and that is why the design of your business application should be creative and one that can stand out in the crowd. Very reliable stats show that:

  • Approximately 54.8 % of web traffic comes from mobile devices.
  • Currently, there are almost 2.87 million apps available for download on just google play store.
  • The mobile application market is expected to reach $407.31 Billion by 2026.
  • People spend more than 6 hours a day on their phones.

So, with these numbers, it is safe to say that if your business is launching a new app in this competitive market then it will surely need some extraordinary design to grab the attention of your consumer. Your app should look interesting enough so that people will open it instead of opening their favorite social media app. We have keenly observed mobile app development Dubai which is considered as one of the pioneers in creative designs and known apps.

And came to the conclusion that you must have a mobile application if you are looking to increase your customer base and good online presence. That is the key to success for almost every company. People are attracted to visually appealing designs so it is important to pay extra attention to design and color themes. We can see many prime examples within app development Dubai that show how you can put a spin on classic and traditional design elements and create something worth your user’s attention to get noticed.

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Almost all successful app developers in Dubai is convinced that your user experience depends on the app design and as it is the only thing that can cast a good first impression you should pay attention to it to generate attention and popularity towards your app. Because mobile applications are the easiest way to connect directly with customers. You can advertise, take feedback and engage customers with your business and that can create a long-term loyal consumer base. So, here are some of the app design ideas that we have accumulated by observing and doing research on mobile app development Dubai.

The Importance of Design in Your Mobile Application

Modern Art

Modern art is one simple yet elegant way to gain the attention of users. Unusual patterns and art pieces incorporated in your app design will give a chic look to your app and will grab the look of your prestigious clients.

Unconventional Fonts

An app with anything unusual will be the center of attention and you can make something as simple as unconventional fonts as your app’s unique selling point. It is no secret that people can follow anything if it is futuristic and a little out of the box. So try to make the fonts of your app exciting and unusual to allure the eyes of your customers.

Color Experimentation

Bold colors are always a hit in the design of top mobile applications. Just like you can easily recognize Instagram and Snapchat with their color schemes, your app should be bold in colors too to register itself in the user’s mind.

Bottom Line

The artistic abilities matter in mobile app development and a developer should have a basic sense of designing and color scheming so that he or she can work in coordination with the designer. There are many companies that provide designing services but it is wise to hire a team that will design and develop your app under the same roof. We really like the options available at because they are quirky and very creative yet practical. Try them once and after then you won’t look for any other mobile app development company in Dubai.


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