How ‘The Simpsons’ TV Show Predicts the Future

The Simpsons started airing around 30 years ago and gained a massive number of followers in popular culture. This highly celebrated tv series is a parody of modern life in America, depicting events related to pop culture and current political issues as well. You might have watched it at some point too, be it through Spectrum TV or any other digital cable service provider.

Predicting the future so accurately about major events is mind-blowing and almost seems impossible. But the writers of the famous tv show ‘The Simpsons’ seem to have some kind of supernatural power to time travel and see the future apparently. Years after years of watching this tv show that rose to fame ever so quickly has left everyone stunned with each episode that reveals some kind of prediction of the future. Here’s what and how the writers predict the future in this series.

When Trump Became the President

Donald Trump became the 45th US president and the Simpsons tv show had surprisingly predicted it already in one of their episodes. This was even more astonishing because, at the time when this episode aired, the thought of Trump becoming the president of the US seemed mindless. The prediction seemed even more foolish than when in 2016 Donald Trump actually declared his own campaign.

When Sigfried and Roy Were Attacked by a Tiger

This prediction is just unbelievable because who can ever predict when an animal might attack their own masters, right? In 2003, Roy and Sigfried, one of the world’s biggest acts got attacked by their own stage animal. Roy was actually attacked during a live performance by the white tiger. But, the Simpsons show had already this exact event about 10 years ago, when one of their episodes aired. They showed exactly how only one of the magicians was attacked during the live performance on stage.

When Higgs Boson Proved Real

After actual scientific proof and validation from scientists, the Higgs Boson particle was declared to be real in 2013. Around 10 billion dollars were spent to conduct the experiment that led to its discovery. The mind-blowing fact about this discovery is that Homer Simpson already solved this equation in an episode aired in 1998.

When Disney’s Purchasing Power Rose to New Heights

The Simpsons were big on predictions in 1998. During this, there was another episode that predicted major events, apart from the one about Higgs Boson. This episode showed Disney acquiring 20th Century Fox. It was no surprise that in 2017, Disney actually purchased 20th Century Fox for around 15 billion dollars. However, Disney actually fully acquired it in 2019.

When Lady Gaga Performed During the Superbowl at Halftime

Lady Gaga was featured in the 2017 Superbowl halftime show, while suspended from the air. As usual, Simpson predicted this same event around 5 years earlier during their 23rd season. This episode showcased Lady Gaga flying through the air suspended by wires, during a performance for the fictional town of the show.

When the Game of Thrones Season Finale was Depicted

Game of Thrones has no doubt been one of the most popular shows in the history of tv series. Fans experienced one of the biggest plot twists in 2019 when this show came to an end. Back in 2017, Simpsons actually predicted the entire finale when they showed Homer burning down an entire village with a dragon.

How the Writers Predict the Future

The writers have successfully brought forth various predictions which have proven true countless times. This is possible though when the entire show revolves around mocking pop culture. With this said, there a quite a few predictions that the show has even gotten wrong. When asked about this directly by the writers, they stated that they try to predict the events in the future 10 months from their time. That is how some of their predictions are proven right. However, it does not take anything away from the series. This is so because the Simpsons show is famous around the globe and is an American icon.


It is creepy and astonishing at the same time how the Simpsons show manages to predict certain future events so accurately. It makes a lot of people wonder if they might possess some sort of powers to jump through time or if their episodes give inspiration to some of the incidents.

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