Top 5 the Most Dangerous Roads in Kentucky

Kentucky…Hearing this name, almost everyone can imagine a picturesque state right at the foot of the Appalachians. Here, you can find a huge selection of waterfalls, caves, mountains and famous Kentucky horses. This is the land of bourbon and chewing gum, which have become real symbols of this region. Many tourists come here to engage in both cultural and active recreation.

In order to make your trip to this region as comfortable as possible, we recommend that you use the Enterprise CVG airport service. Here, you will be able to find a large selection of cars that will meet your needs and desires.

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Formerly, this highway was the most dangerous not only in the Kentucky region, but in all of America! Just imagine, only 50 years ago, this road provoked the death of more than 100 people a month. As for the current situation, this highway now ranks 62nd among all other roads in America.

Despite such a remote location among the most dangerous roads in America, drivers here often receive either very severe or even fatal injuries. This road is often called the “death road” by the residents of Kentucky themselves because of its sharp turns on the serpentine. When you use Cincinnati car rental companies, be sure to use the navigator to see the road names. The navigator will help you avoid this terrible road and keep you safe.

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This road ranks 70th among the most dangerous roads in America. Here, drivers often get into fatal traffic accidents due to high speed, little driving experience and disregard for safety rules (due to talking on the phone or using the phone as a navigator).

It is especially difficult on this road for those drivers who drive trucks, buses or vehicles with a trailer. You need to drive here at a speed of 10 km per hour, because otherwise you can get into the traffic accident zone.

Rent a car in Kentucky if you have to drive this road. In this case, use a passenger car, namely a sedan, so that it is easier for you to drive. Take care of your safety at every moment of your vacation.

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This highway is the most dangerous of all the other dangerous roads in Kentucky. It passes through all the cities of this state, starting from Louisville in the west to Virginia in the east. This road is very popular both because of the residents of Kentucky themselves and among tourists who often use the services of cars for rent in USA.

If you need to cross all regions of Kentucky, we recommend that you choose a small car (preferably a sedan), because it will be very difficult to drive a van or a Jeep here. Especially if you plan to go with a company. The load on the vehicle will be very high, so the driver may tire quickly.

Bluegrass Parkway

The Bluegrass Parkway is also a universal road that stretches from the west to the east of Kentucky. It is an alternative for drivers to speed up their journey. If they go the other way, they may face a lot of traffic jams and document checks by the police.

Although this road is quite picturesque compared to the others already illustrated, it is not entirely safe. There are many sharp turns with an uneven asphalt surface. That is why you should be very careful when using this particular road.

Man O’ War Boulevard

This is one of Kentucky’s most famous highways. It is known that it causes a large number of accidents every year due to the constantly meeting traffic lights on the way. Traffic jams constantly appear here precisely because of this phenomenon. Drivers here often lose concentration and get into trouble.

In Consequence…

This article has shown that there are 5 main roads in Kentucky that cause many accidents, often fatal. In order to avoid this, be sure to follow the rules of road safety and never neglect them. Many rental services already offer built-in navigators, so it will be easier for you to navigate on the road.


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