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Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist for a Tidy Home

Fall has arrived, making it the ideal time to finish up domestic tasks in preparation for the impending winter and holiday seasons, when guests will be over. It’s best to start with outdoor tasks as the weather is just starting to get chilly, and then go indoors as the temperature drops. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re enjoying a cozy winter without as many anxieties since you put in a little additional effort now.

We’ve put together an autumn checklist so you’ll know precisely where to start and what to do first. The areas and things in your house that you should clean, fix, or inspect (or all three!) this fall are listed below. Continue reading for professional advice.

1- Store and clean outdoor furniture 

While some individuals can make use of outdoor living areas all year round, many cannot. Select a dry, sunny day as the seasons change to thoroughly clean outdoor furniture in order to get it ready for storage. 

Treating stains now is especially crucial because waiting until later to deal with them on the fabric used for outdoor umbrellas or upholstery would be quite challenging.

If you don’t have enough room to take the furniture into storage, cover it with specialized covers or tarps that are weatherproof and fastened with bungee cords. To help avoid rust stains on the patio floor, put a tarp under any metal furniture or accents. After all, no one wants their new home in the smart capital city to be messy, right?

2- Store gardening tools 

During the winter, your lawn and garden equipment go dormant just like your garden. Now is the moment to thoroughly clean each tool and make any necessary repairs. Lawnmowers and any other gas-powered equipment need to be thoroughly winterized so they are ready to go when the first signs of spring appear.

3- Clean gutters and downspouts

Autumnal foliage is lovely, but it can clog gutters and downspouts. In addition to being unsightly, gutters clogged with leaves and pine straw can damage soffits with moisture and mildew, causing decaying wood and roof leaks.

As the leaves continue to fall during the fall, you might need to clear the gutters more than once. Use a highly solid ladder and appropriate safety procedures at all times.

4- Cover outdoor pools 

Drain the water from any outdoor pools, spas, or water features that are not heated, or use a cover. Spend some time winterizing exposed faucets and pipes to save money on repairs.

5- Remove window screens

Storm windows and doors, which can help insulate dwellings and increase their energy efficiency during cold weather, are still present in many residences. After the summer, when screens and window air conditioners are taken down, give them a thorough cleaning and make any necessary repairs.

6- Wash indoor windows 

Multitask by washing the glass at the same time as winterizing the windows. Start with the windows’ exteriors. You’ll be happy you have them cleaned during the long winter days, even if you have to rinse them out again after finishing the gutter cleaning.

Clean the window treatments when you go inside to clean the windows. While certain materials can go in the washing machine, most draperies need to be dry cleaned. Cleaning window sills, dusting, and cleaning blinds and shades are all excellent things to do now.

7- Complete home inspection 

Take the time to go around the exterior of your property before it gets chilly and note any places that require winterization. If you aren’t very knowledgeable about home repairs, enlist the aid of a qualified inspector. 

After the summer heat, check the roof for any loose or broken shingles. Before the winter snow, wind, and rain cause leaks, make repairs.

To stop mice and other rodents and insects from finding shelter within your home, practice pest control.

8- Inspect fireplaces 

Every year, a chimney should be cleaned and examined. Your property will be less likely to catch fire accidentally thanks to a chimney sweep. If you didn’t thoroughly clean your internal fireplace surround at the conclusion of the previous winter, do it right now. Waiting for another season will just accelerate the soot buildup and make cleaning more challenging.

In order to ensure their safety and readiness for usage, gas logs and fireplaces should also be examined and cleaned.

9- Clean and reverse fans 

It’s time to clean the fan if your home’s ceiling fans have been operating nonstop throughout the summer. Find the little switch that reverses the fan’s blades so that heated air is directed downward to keep you warmer on frigid days. This switch can be found on the fan body.

Take a good look at these tips and make sure your home is winter ready!

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