A Quick History of Air Jordans and Some Wearing Advice

Beyond merely her music, Billie Eilish is one of the most well-known performers in the world. Her distinctive sense of style has drawn as much notice as “Bad Guy” did, and many people have noted how much focus her clothing placed on what was most crucial—her shoes. And which pair of shoes did Eilish flaunt the most? Jordan Air.

Thankfully, knowing how to wear Jordans doesn’t need you to have Billie Eilish style. There are several ways to wear these classic shoes and look terrific, however you can undoubtedly turn to her for inspiration. They were the first “hype” pair of shoes that elevated their developing sport, as well as its initial wearer, to a degree of notoriety and status never before attained.

Today, I’ll offer you a thorough explanation of how to wear Jordans, including everything from the shoe’s history to its various styles, as well as some clothing suggestions and helpful advice on how to avoid appearing childish at your first sneaker convention.

Describe Jordans

There isn’t another pair of footwear that can captivate fans like Jordans can. Although they are not the most timeless sneakers, they are among the most popular pairs that have been around the longest. When was the last time you saw someone wearing a pair of regular Converse Chuck Taylors from the 1970s that left you speechless with their lavishness?

Heck, you can see how unique Air Jordans are by taking a peek at some of the other footwear in Nike’s remarkable collection. Both the Air Force 1 and the Cortez have fantastic backstories, but none has the same street cred as the Air Jordan brand.

All of this means that Air Jordans are the most well-known basketball sneakers worldwide, and they have also made it into the fashion industry to become some of the most sought-after shoes by collectors and streetwear enthusiasts.

Fortunately, to think about how to wear Jordans, you don’t have to be the streetwear king, a basketball player, or even somewhat athletic. If you wear them properly, their prestige allows them to slink into the majority of costumes and transform them into works of beauty.

The Origins Of Jordans

The narrative of Nike Jordans should have been turned into a motion picture long ago. It is chock-full of grandiose claims, business turmoil, and rabid individuality that would dominate Netflix’s trending lists.

Although the advertisement really cost Nike $5,000 every game, it is the best kind of unpaid promotion any company could hope for. In 1984, when the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics were dominating the NBA, Michael Jordan made his NBA debut with the Chicago Bulls.

He still needed to establish himself on the court. In a similar vein, Nike had not yet partnered with any of basketball’s most well-known players, therefore they had no track record in the sport. Despite being offered a five-year deal for $2.5 million by Nike, Jordan wasn’t very excited about the offer.

He favored the current styles from Converse and Adidas. As a result, Nike dazzled him with the Air Jordan 1s in Chicago Bulls-inspired black and red.

The only issue was that Jordan would have to pay $5,000 if he wore the Nike Air Jordan 1s since they violated the NBA’s rigorous footwear rules. He would have to pay it each time he wore the sneakers in an official game; it is not a fixed cost either.


However, Nike paid for everything since they were sure of their athletes and their shoes. A perfect storm of circumstances led to the rise of the Jordan 1s in the fashion and sporting industries.

During his debut season as a professional, Michael Jordan went on a tear and finally won the NBA Rookie of the Year title. He was a terror on the court thanks to his stylish and combative demeanor, and the media couldn’t get enough of him.

As soon as it became known that he was violating league regulations by playing in Nike Air Jordan 1s, their value and popularity exploded. Pay attention to this. The original Nike Air Jordan 1s cost $60 when they were first sold. The pair of Jordan’s shoes that he was sporting when he used his strong dunk during an exhibition game in Italy in 1985 to break a backboard sold at auction for $615,000.

Numerous Jordan shoe versions for men and women have since been developed by Nike, but none have garnered quite as much interest as the original Jordan 1. As a result, you’ll learn how to wear Jordans of various kinds, but you should anticipate seeing the original models emerge pretty frequently since they’re the ones that get mentioned the most.

A Timeline For Jordans

When you’re playing basketball is the obvious—and slightly pedantic—occasion to wear Jordans. However, I am aware that you probably don’t play basketball very frequently if you’re interested in learning how to wear Jordans. Jordans are not considered formal footwear, thus they have no business wearing them. Fortunately, this creates a variety of occasions when you can wear them, including in most informal settings.

Jordans are basketball shoes, therefore they are built for comfort, support, and hypermobility. Many designer shoes overlook these aspects in favor of aesthetics. They provide Jordans a special edge over other high-end sneakers in that they are often superior for long-term wear.

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