Archie Heaton (Charlie Heaton’s Son) Full Bio, Age, Untold Facts

Do you love watching web series? Have you watched Stranger things? If yes then you might have heard about the kid that is getting famous since then. The kid has come into a relationship with the main character of Stranger Things. In this article we are going to discuss about Charlie Heaton’s son Archie Heaton and how he is related to people’s favorite star. This article is going to be very interesting. So read the article till the end.

Who is Archie Heaton?

He is Charlie Heaton’s son who is a very famous actor and recently he has worked in stranger things.  Archie was born on 19th may 2014 in England. He is just a 7 years old boy and his star is Taurus. He has British citizenship.

Archie Heaton Mother:

Till 3 years after his birth no one knew about Archie but nothing stays hidden from the media for a long time. But people were more curious to know about his mom. In 2017 the news came out that he is Charlie Heaton’s son and his mom is a famous drummer from his dad’s band Akiko Matsuura. 

Charlie and Akiko:

This happened when Charlie was just 20 and Akiko was in her teen age years. They had a sweet relationship and then suddenly they broke up. Archie Heaton was born in 2014. After his birth they parted their ways.

Reason of their break up 

The ex couple fell in love with each other in their teenage years. They both were part of a band and then the love story begins. They used to spend a lot of time together and then they welcomed their baby boy. According to some news, soon after his birth they broke up and they didn’t talk about their relationship and son for years. The reason behind their break up is unknown but both are living happily and pursuing their dreams.

Archie Heaton relationship with parents:

Though he is a star kid and both of his parents are working in industry. His mom is from Japan and she currently lives UK. She is part of a famous band and is working with them in uk. Whereas Charlie has a tough routine with his acting work and he has to stay in America for most of the time. If we talk about little Archie then he is more close to his mom as he spends most of time with her. But Charlie also came to meet him whenever he wanted to.

Charlie’s current relationship status

Charlie loves to stay in news and since his divorce he has been the favorite highlight of most people. If we talk about his current status then he is dating his co star of strangers thing Natalia who played the character of Nancy. They have been dating for 6 years and are in a very romantic relationship.

Archie Heaton personal life

Celebrities mostly try  to keep their love life and their kids away from news but due to many reasons Charlie’s relationship with ex wife and his son caught fire and came in front of everyone. Archie Heaton is just 7 years old and since his birth he is in his mother’s custody. She is taking best care of herself as she is a well known musician and she is giving her luxurious life. Archie is studying and living in England right now with his mother and she let Charlie meet him.

Charlie Heaton’s net worth:

Charlie is a handsome and charming actor who is working in the famous Netflix series Stranger things. He charges 250k$ per episode and he has net worth of 4million $. This also Archie’s money as he is his only son. 


In this article we have talked about the little star kid Archie Heaton who has been in news due to Charlie Heaton from many times. All the possible information is shared above. Hope you like this article.

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