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Our generation is very much interested in celebrities and their kids. They take influence from their lifestyle and try to copy their fashion trends. Star kids get the most attention because their lifestyle is more impressive than their parent’s. Everyone thinks that star kids who follow the profession of their parents are successful because of their parents but this isn’t always true. Some star kids build their names with their own hard work. In this article, we are going to talk about Bailei Knight. All the interesting facts about her will be revealed here. So read the article till the end.

Who is the Bailei Knight?

You must be aware that Suge Knight, Bailei is his daughter. He is a very famous music artist who is also the SEO of death row records. Bailei’s life is full of struggles because his father did not spend much time with her.

Bailei Knight Wiki

Most celebrities belong from America, and so does Bailei. In 2002 she opened her eyes in Los Angeles, California. Her date of birth is 28th November. She holds American nationality and her ethnicity is African American. If we talk about her physical appearance then she stands 5 feet 3 inches. Her weight is 54kg.

Bailei Knight Career:

You guys must be curious to know what she does. Then let me tell you that being the child of very famous celebs she is not interested in the industry. Her mom teaches her dance and self-defense techniques. Moreover, it is revealed that she works in a food locker company. They sell shoes. She is studying and will continue to decide on her profession.


Education is a very powerful weapon and every person needs it. It’s necessary for everyone to get it. Only those who value education get it. Bailei Knight’s mom tries her best to provide her daughter with the best education. She is going to high school and will pursue her career in her favorite field.

Suge knight’s children:

Bailie is the only kid of Suge and her wife. But Suge had relationships with other women and they together had 5 children which means that Bailei Knight has 5 half siblings named Taj, Posh, Andrew, Sosa, and Legend Knight. From her mom’s side, she also has 2 siblings.

Bailei Parents:

In the music industry, Bailei Knight parents were so famous and they had a big name. Her mom was part of a famous R & B band and in her early life, she made a huge success. The world-class and hung jury are her famous albums. Suge in contrast is a music executive. Death row records are founded by her dad. His music albums were so hit and made him successful for days. 

Bailei’s Parents’ Relationship :

Both of their parents were famous and their love story is the most controversial ever. There was a time when Michel’le was addicted to alcohol and trying to get rid of it and at that time Suge met him. They both fell in love with each other and promised to support each other. Suge was in jail in 1999 when he proposed to her she accepted the proposal and decided to get married to him.

They were together for 8 years and during these years Suge spent most of the time in jail. These things were pinching their relationship. In fact, Michel’le reported that Suge used to beat her. Things were going out of hand and she decided to not stay quiet and filed for a divorce. But their marriage was invalid because when they got married Suge was also married to Sharitha. 

Bailei’s Net Worth:

She is the daughter of a very successful couple who both earned a lot from the music industry and gave her girl a very fancy and luxurious life. Her mom’s net worth is 20 million$ and her dad has more than this. As she isnt in the industry we don’t know about her net worth.


 In this article, we have talked about Bailei Knight who saw many hardships and spent her life without a father. But she is living her best life. I hope you like this article.

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