Discuss Elation EMR Reviews And Its Pricing In 2022

Elation EMR Pricing

Elation EMR is a cloud-based clinically-focused electronic health record solution. Its pricing is below the market average and it is HIPAA-compliant. In addition, it offers virtual care visits powered by Zoom. This article will examine its pricing and features.

What is Elation Health?

Elation cloud-based electronic medical records and patient management system. Elation EMR fosters patient-doctor relationships by providing clients with easy and accurate data. This EMR is HIPAA- and ONE-ATCB-certified, protecting all patient-physician information. Elation EMR’s objective is to facilitate startups and small businesses. Elation EMR can be accessed on iPhones and iPads, but not on Android.

Elation EMR includes patient charting and appointment scheduling, E–prescribing, E-prescribing medical billing, and compliance tracking. Patient portal, notification, customizable templates. Document management. One-on-one messaging

Elation EMR HIPAA-Compliant

Elation EMR is a cloud-based EHR system that helps medical practices manage patient data securely. It offers a flexible interface and customizable charting tool to help eliminate redundant data entry. It also integrates with other software and makes sharing of patient information easy. It is a perfect choice for small practices and provides all of the features needed for a modern practice. Users can also use it on a mobile device to communicate with clients securely.

Elation EMR’s HIPAA-compliant security measures allow you to be confident that the software will protect your patient’s data. The software also comes with an encrypted patient portal, which helps improve the doctor-patient relationship. Using the secure portal, you can share your patient’s medical history, lab results, and diagnosis. You can also send prescription refill requests and invoices using Elation EMR.

Elation Offers Virtual Care Visits Powered by Zoom

Elation’s virtual care solution uses a HIPAA-compliant video platform, telehealth-grade video quality, and automated workflow to streamline scheduling and patient information management. The system integrates seamlessly with EHRs and automates documentation, coding, and billing for virtual care. The integrated video platform offers a secure, reliable environment that improves the patient experience and reduces administrative costs.

Elation Integrated Video uses Zoom for two-way interactive video, audio, and visual communication. This integration enables practices to streamline the process for virtual and in-person visits. It also helps practices meet communication requirements required by telehealth billing.

Elation is Cost Effective

The cost-effectiveness of EMR can be measured in terms of ROI, or return on investment. The ROI will depend on the complexity of the EMR system and its use by physicians. A simple transition would be most cost-effective. This transition would eliminate the need for MT assistance and scanning paper charts. It would also have a shorter DPP, at about five to six years. However, it would still fall short of the ROI expected by SMC.

Another factor in determining the cost-effectiveness of EMR systems is their ability to lower administrative costs. A study done by Samsung Medical Center found that hospitals that adopted EMRs were able to reduce costs and gain more revenue. The study found that an EMR system would save a hospital $1.3 million in a five-year period.

Elation Offers Complete Support

Elation’s cloud-based EMR offers far-reaching features that doctors and clinics need to keep their records organized. The software includes video-based appointments, custom visit instructions, and the ability to view patients virtually while charting. This feature allows physicians to start a video visit with a single click. It also generates everything patients need to join the video call and automates documentation and coding for virtual care.

Elation also supports HIPAA compliance. Its integrations with several medical software packages eliminate the need for repetitive data entry. It also provides integrated lab results, secure patient portals, and a host of other features to improve doctor-patient communication. Elation also offers complete support for its products, including blogs and webinars.

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