How Does Your Business Website Help in Ranking Higher

The design of your business website is a crucial tool for its SERPs ranking. Every business website aims to rank higher in SERPs. So, businesses ensure to have SEO-friendly web design. A user-friendly web design helps a website rank higher on SERPs. Therefore, to rank higher in SERPs, ensure your business has an effective web design. SERP(Search Engine Results Page) is the page the Google search engine shows after a user’s query. In other words, SERP is what a user gets back when it asks something to Google. The websites are successful that appear in the top SERPs. 

A business website can rank higher in SERPs by two methods. The first one is the organic method. And the second way to run paid ads. Web designs help a website organically achieve a higher ranking. Try Web design company Australia for a user-friendly business web design. 

In this article, you can find how web design helps a website with SERP rankings.

How a Web Design Helps Your Business Website Ranking Higher in SERPs

Web design plays a vital role in website SERPs ranking. And a good web design is a result of various core elements. The components, like a simple layout, quality content, and loading speed, help a website with SERPs rankings. Therefore, if you aim for a better SERPs ranking, ensure that your website has these elements. 

Here are the elements of web design that helps a website rank higher in  SERPs.

An Effective Layout

A website layout is one of the essential elements. It plays a crucial role in a website’s Google rankings. A simple design makes a website look easy to use for the audience. Users prefer a website where they do not require practical information to use a site. Similarly, they like a site that is easy to navigate. 

A website where visitors can seamlessly find anything is easy to navigate. So, these factors make a layout simple and easy-going. As a result, a website ranks higher in Google search ranking. On the contrary, a complex and unorganized design can lower a website’s ranking in SERPs. Hence, aim for a simple web design to rank higher in SERPs rankings. 

Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords are essential for a website to rank better in SERPs. A website cannot rank high if it does not have good keywords. Keywords ensure to show your site when a user searches for something related to your business field. That is the reason websites invest good money in keyword research. So, keywords are vital for a website’s Google ranking. 

However, long-tail keywords are better with higher rankings than short keywords. Long-tail keywords are specific keywords and key phrases. Focusing on long-tail keywords is a great way to find high-quality traffic. Also, they help websites generate more leads. As a result, long-tail keywords help a website achieve a higher rank in SERPs. Moreover, you use tools like Uber suggest to find long-tail keywords.

Exact-Match Domain Name

Another core element that helps a website with higher rankings is its exact-match domain. It means creating a domain name that is an exact match to the offerings of a website. Exact-match domain helps a website to get more traffic. This method highly works well for long-tail keywords. 

For instance, if you have a hotel business, in the domain name can be an exact match. So, if you aim to rank higher in SERPs, create the exact-match domain. This web design element can improve your website ranking in SERPs.

Speed of a Website

The speed of a website is another essential factor in its ranking in SERPs. Your business website ranks higher if it is fast to load. A fast website helps a business increase traffic. As a result, a website achieves a higher rank in SERPs organically. 

On the other hand, a website ranks lower if it has a slow loading time. Users prefer fast websites, so they exit a site that is slow to load. Usually, online users wait for four to six seconds for a website to load. It means a website should be fast to engage more customers. 

An effective website should take at least two to three seconds to load. Therefore, make sure your website has a quick loading time. You can increase its speed by avoiding large-size files in your web design. 

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

A mobile-friendly layout is one of the essential elements of a web design. It has a vital role in increasing website traffic. Today the majority of people browse a website through their mobile phones. And this, as a result, helps a website enhance conversation rates. Better conversation rates improve a website’s ranking in SERPs organically. 

On the contrary, a website ranks lower in SERPs if it is not mobile-friendly. Usually, websites function smoothly only on limited devices. Many business websites do not operate as effectively on mobile phones as on other devices. The reason is a site looks different when a user browses it from a mobile phone. Hence, a mobile-friendly layout is essential for better Google rankings. 

Relevant and High-Quality Content

High-quality content is one of the main factors Google uses for website rankings. Relevant and appealing web content helps your website rank higher in SERPs organically. A website cannot appear on top rankings without good web content. Therefore, create relevant, quality, and concise web content. 

Your content should be informative and appealing to the readers. According to Google search engine requirements, content should at least be one thousand words. Moreover, try to place your keywords at least three times. 

Customer Responsiveness

Another essential element is the responsive customer support of a web design. Customer engagement of a site is a vital factor for high rankings in SERPs. Many big brands ignore this essential web design element. However, users prefer websites that have responsive consumer service. And they avoid websites that lack effective customer service. Therefore, your business needs to design a customer-centric website. 

Give your customers multiple options to contact. Moreover, try to be responsive and avoid late responses. This will help your website to rank higher in SERPs.

Relevant and Appealing Visuals

The use of visuals in the web design attracts better SERPs rankings. Engaging visuals in a website can positively impact users’ minds. It likewise makes a website look appealing. The use of images and videos with your offerings helps individuals understand your business in a better way. 

Engaging visuals can also invoke emotions in individuals to take a specific action. As a result, it helps your website to achieve better ranks in Google’s search engine. Therefore, use relevant and appealing images with your offerings.


Web designs play a vital role in the rankings of a business website. A good web design helps a website to rank higher in SERPs. On the other hand, an ineffective web design hurts a website’s ranking. Therefore, invest a handful of money in your business website design. Find a good web design company that can understand all your requirements.

Moreover, ensure it provides a simple and easy design for your website. Additionally, the company should be able to create a mobile-friendly design. Besides, you will need to search long-tail keywords for your web content. Also, make sure your website is fast to load. And be careful with customers’ responses. Make sure they do not have to wait for feedback.

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