The SplashLearn Latest Review – You need to know (2022)

SplashLearn is a game-based learning program that helps children learn by guiding them along a learning pathway, while minimizing distractions.

It engages students in a variety of learning styles, resulting in higher student engagement and retention. Its bright graphics and animated characters, as well as its interactive game activities, make learning fun for children. It also uses an adaptive learning algorithm that automatically changes the level of difficulty based on how students perform.

Game-based learning program

A game-based learning program is an effective method for teaching kids new subjects. These applications are highly visually appealing and are interactive. The games and interactive formats can be used in any classroom or home setting. In addition, they help students build critical thinking and conceptual understanding. There are also different levels of game play that help the student progress through each lesson.

SplashLearn is a curriculum-aligned game-based learning program that helps students improve their skills in mathematics and English language arts. Thousands of children use the program in schools all over the world. It provides both individual and group practice and helps teachers identify students who need extra support.

SplashLearn was launched in 2010 and is an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. It focuses on instilling the habit of life-long learning in children. The program is designed to be fast and easy to use. It uses clear instructions to help students master complex tasks. In addition, it uses animated characters to engage students in learning.

Adaptive learning

SplashLearn is a software program for kids that uses an adaptive algorithm to help them progress through the curriculum. SplashLearn includes more than six thousand lessons covering math and reading concepts. It also encourages students to learn through play. Kids can explore exotic locations, meet characters and complete daily learning goals through an interactive virtual world called the Splashverse.

The adaptive learning software works by training students to use their brains better in order to increase their productivity. It includes dozens of educational games that improve reading, writing, listening, and math skills. The program also incorporates a performance-driven curriculum. It is also compatible with standard learning management systems. And it can be customized to a particular subject matter.

With the increasing sophistication of adaptive algorithms, educators and students can differentiate content and pace. Students can learn at different paces, whether they are working on math-fact fluency or algebra. Differentiated learning helps students catch up and prevents boredom. The program can also provide a robust teacher dashboard, individual learning profiles, and live teacher feedback.

Progress tracking

Progress tracking is a vital part of an independent learning program. With SplashLearn, you can easily keep track of time spent in the program, skills gained, accuracy levels, and overall progress. Its dashboard allows you to check on the progress of students and identify any areas that need improvement. It also has a parent app, which can be used by parents to keep tabs on their children’s learning.

Teachers can also sign up for free to use SplashLearn. Once registered, they can set up students and assign activities to them. Students can access these activities from home and participate in class discussions. Teachers can also monitor progress and address concerns quickly. Whether you’re working with a single child or a class of 20, you’ll always know where your child stands.

SplashLearn is a game-based learning program that intelligently adapts to your child’s level. It helps students master the appropriate math and reading skills at their level. It’s curriculum-aligned and covers everything from Pre-K to Grade 5 in reading and math. There’s even a separate dashboard for parents and teachers, so they can check on their child’s progress.

Customizable learning route

You can create a personalized learning path for your students using SplashLearn. Each child’s progress in each skill is tracked, and an algorithm recommends the next skill to be practiced. You can even customize your learning path based on your child’s prior experience.

The SplashLearn platform is free for schools and teachers to use. It provides real-time updates on student progress. It also allows teachers to assign practice material to individual students or the entire class. This allows them to monitor student progress and identify any gaps in understanding. Teachers can also set homework assignments based on their students’ progress. The SplashLearn system has an integrated student support system, ensuring that all students receive the help they need to succeed.

SplashLearn is a versatile and customizable game-based learning curriculum that is scientifically designed by learning scientists and teachers. It has a comprehensive content library of over 4000 math games, and uses an adaptive algorithm to personalize the learning experience for each student.

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