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Which color to choose for kitchen furniture?

Are you about to furnish your kitchen or change part of your furniture? Do you want to know which color to choose for kitchen furniture? In decoration, it is essential to respect certain rules to maintain a general harmony throughout the room. Here is a guide that will make you see all the colors!


The golden rule in decoration is to never select more than 3 colors. In fact, this recommendation applies to the entire room: the furniture, but also the tone of the walls.

You need to look for visual balance throughout the kitchen. However, as soon as you associate more than 3 colors, this balance is broken. This creates an impression of overload.

Thus, each element of your kitchen furniture must revolve around this choice of 3 colors. This concerns all of your furniture: tables, chairs, stools, storage units or islands.

Start from the colors of your kitchen to determine what colors your future furniture will be. Generally, associations of several bright colors are to be avoided. Instead, play on the contrast. To be in harmony with your environment, your choice must also reflect the desired atmosphere.


The possibilities for choosing the colors of your kitchen furniture are great! Solid colors are always unanimous. We present to you a panel of timeless and trendy colors as well as their meaning.


A timeless color par excellence, black has, over time, shed its negative aspect to embody elegance. Sober, black goes just as well with white as with a bright shade. With white, it allows you to create a contemporary or graphic atmosphere. With a brighter color, it will create a pleasant contrast. In addition, it also magnifies the pastel. It will also be a good choice for an industrial or feng-shui kitchen. You can add a black touch through furniture such as kitchen chairs or a table but also through storage furniture.

The matte black is deep, it highlights the contrasts and the decorative details. More discreet than shiny black, it will sublimate the other colors of the kitchen. The glossy black, on the other hand, is luminous and has a very chic look.


Gray has become a trendy color in decoration. Contemporary and timeless, it is sometimes preferred to white. It is considered a soothing and neutral color. The different shades of gray offer a vast choice. Also, can it be associated with a Scandinavian, feng-shui, contemporary or natural decoration. It blends well with wood.

Light gray is very soft and brings brightness to the room. Charcoal gray is dark and deep. It will suit you if you like dark colors, but want to avoid black. It is an elegant and modern gray, just like the dark gray. The latter, very chic, will also highlight the lighter colors. Sober and refined, the matte gray brings a more raw side.


Bright color par excellence, white is always popular for kitchen furniture. It is impossible to get tired of this color which remains timeless. White furniture reflects light effectively. This is an advantage, especially for small kitchens, where the space seems enlarged. Also, white furniture will go with everything!

You can therefore opt for pure white, especially if the room is not very bright. The off-white is less frank, but since it is tinged with yellow, it brings more warmth. This is also the case with creamy white, which avoids the coldness associated with pure white, but remains very luminous. White dresses a kitchen table as well as stools or even a worktop.


To energize your kitchen, opt for red furniture! They will give character to the room and a warm side.

Carmine red is intense, it is a shade that brings depth and contrast. Purple, sometimes unfairly compared to violet, is a precious red. Adopted since Antiquity, it is synonymous with luxury and gives a vibrant side to your decoration.

Brick red, more classic, is ideal for an industrial kitchen, while rust is softer and warmer. As for terracotta, it is very fashionable. Its earth color is authentic and friendly.


Green has established itself in recent years as a popular color for kitchen furniture. It evokes nature, the plant world and a certain vitality, while being considered a soothing color. There are many shades of green! Go for collections on https://www.homary.com/category/kitchen-dining-furniture-33.html.

Olive green is elegant and bright. It creates a comforting and natural atmosphere. Darker, forest green is a deep and sober shade. Its elegance is suitable for a design decoration. A pale green, like celadon, introduces a great softness that goes wonderfully with wood or pastel. This is also the case of mint green, soothing and relaxing.


Blue is traditionally a soothing color, as it is a symbol of peace, often associated with the sky and the sea. It is very popular in decoration. Klein blue, invented by Yves Klein, has a bright, saturated hue. Close to ultramarine blue, this electric shade gives character to a contemporary interior and goes well with white or orange.

Midnight blue is a very dark shade that is close to black. Rich, deep and refined, it harmonizes with metallic finishes or a refined style. Duck blue tends more towards green and gives freshness and depth to your furniture. Glacier blue, pale and soft, has the advantage of being a luminous shade that can be easily combined with other colours.


The orange color embodies dynamism. Warm, it gives a touch of cheerfulness to your kitchen furniture. It goes well with white, gray or wood. The orange furniture will make a splash in a designer or modern kitchen.


This color is reminiscent of the sun and light. It is considered stimulating. Yellow furniture instantly warms up a room. Moreover, the daring chick yellow has become very trendy. Mustard yellow is a modern and warm shade which, with duck blue, offers a nice combo. A pale or pastel yellow will illuminate your interior in a more discreet way.


Each species of wood brings its character and identity to a room. Let’s discover the shades of wood that sublimate kitchen furniture, in a natural spirit.


It is a light wood. As such, it is often favored in Scandinavian or refined decoration. This essence will bring brightness, even to a dark kitchen. Rustic and authentic, oak furniture is easy to maintain. In addition, it is perfectly resistant to humidity and stains.


It is a darker wood, which will be preferred in a bright room. Noble and resistant material, its brown color has a chic and warm look. Its grain is fine and slightly veined.


Pine is a soft wood, but with character, whose light color can be combined with many styles. It will suit, for example, a contemporary or Scandinavian kitchen. It has knots that make it a very aesthetic essence. Bright, pine blends with various materials.


Beech is a light wood. It has ribbing and a fine, straight grain that make it particularly elegant. Beech furniture will therefore bring brightness to your kitchen and a refined touch. It suits the Scandinavian style and goes well with white or gray.


Metal kitchen furniture has different types of finish. Each gives a different look to the metal.


Chrome fictions are obtained from a metal part dipped in a chrome bath. A chrome metal cabinet is very bright. This is the type of furniture to choose to infuse character into the room. Moreover, it will delight with all types of decoration: contemporary, design or vintage! This color is frequently found on the legs of kitchen stools .


For a modern and sleek look, the stainless steel finish is ideal, but is also suitable for a more traditional kitchen. In addition, stainless steel furniture is trendy, because it is reminiscent of professional kitchens. This metallic finish is frequently associated with dark and chic tones.


The satin finish gives the kitchen furniture a matte and uniform appearance. Soft and sophisticated, the satin metal catches the light. It gives a sophisticated look that is perfect for a designer kitchen.


If you can’t find the color or finish you’re dreaming of, why not choose a customizable piece of furniture? Sometimes, it happens that we like a piece of furniture, but that the color does not correspond at all to our interior or to our desires. In this case, 4 Pieds offers furniture to personalize. Depending on the models, you can choose from many colors and different customization options!

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