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How to draw a four-leaf clover. Certain items are traditionally said to increase your luck level if you need a little luck. The options are endless, whether it’s a rabbit’s foot or lucky underwear! However, the four-leaf clover may be the most iconic symbol of luck. It was long believed that these little plants brought good luck to anyone who found them.

Finding one of these elusive plants can be tricky, so it’s best to learn how to draw a four-leaf clover and make your own. This step-by-step guide on drawing a four-leaf clover will show you how to create your luck! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing a four-leaf clover

Step 1:

As we begin this guide on how to draw a four-leaf clover, we’ll start with something in the name: the leaf! As you can imagine, four of them look the same, but we’ll tackle them separately because each is from a different angle, which might make it harder.

Each leaf will be in the shape of a heart, with the first leaf having its curved side up to the left of the clover. All the leaves will meet at a central point, so you can draw a dot in pencil to ensure they all start correctly. Once you’ve drawn this first sheet, we’ll start adding more!

Step 2:

As we mentioned in the previous step of your four-leaf clover design, all of the leaves will be technically identical. However, making them appear from different angles can be tricky. This next leaf will point down to the left of the clover.

Step 3:

You are starting to master it now! As you can imagine, we will draw the third leaf in this step of our guide on how to draw a four-leaf clover. This one choice starts at the same juncture as the prior two. This choice issues the clover’s top request, as shown in the contact print. We’ll add the final clover in the next step, so let’s move on!

Step 4:

That last leaf of your four-leaf clover design shouldn’t be a problem! It will point down to the right of the cloverleaf and start at the center point as usual. Once you’ve drawn all four leaves, you can erase the pencil point in the center if you’ve drawn one to help.

Step 5:

If you’re tired of drawing clover leaves, you’re in luck because we’re going to move on to some new aspects in this step of our guide on how to draw a four-leaf clover. For this part, we’ll focus on the clover stem. It will start from the very center of the clover and then expand downwards. It will be brittle towards the top and gradually thicker as you go down.

It then has a round end at the bottom to complete the limb. This part shouldn’t be too complicated, but it may require a steady hand, so don’t be afraid to take it easy!

Step 6:

How to draw a four-leaf clover

Before completing the last step, you can add the final details to your four-leaf clover design. We draw a line down each leaf’s center for our guide to finish it. Once you’ve drawn them, you’re good to go! Before doing so, add any final details you want to your drawing!

Some ideas you might consider would be to draw a beautiful background for the clover. Maybe you could use what you learned in this guide to draw three leaf clovers behind him! Another idea you could try would be to draw a tiny insect, maybe a ladybug. These are just a few ideas you could do, but what else can you think of for your four-leaf clover drawing?

Step 7:

How to draw a four-leaf clover

You have reached the last step of this guide on how to draw a four-leaf clover! For this stage, you can relax and unwind with fun colors for your image. A four-leaf clover is innocent, so that would be a clear choice! However, even if you stick with this color for your clover, there are ways to inject even more color into it! You can use bright colors if you draw extra details, like a bug or a fun background.

Three other tricks to quickly draw a four-leaf clover!

You won’t need the luck to pull off this easy-to-draw four-leaf clover! We show you only one type of design for this famous plant for this four-leaf clover design. The design is super simple and detailed; you can change it a bit if needed. You must modify the design if you have trouble with any detail, shape, or proportion.

The four-leaf clover has been depicted in every style and shape imaginable so that you can get creative. If you find yourself changing details or aspects, you should focus on the parts that explicitly give you trouble. This way, you can keep the layout as much as possible! Focusing on one aspect of a drawing is much more open to scrutiny. The same goes for this four-leaf clover sketch, so you can incorporate it into a larger design.

It will make the drawing more complicated but make the four-leaf clover look minor. The apparent theme would be the St. Patrick’s Day theme. It could include symbols like fairies, rainbows, and other things associated with the holidays. That way, there will be plenty to watch, and the four-leaf clover difficulties won’t be so apparent! Finally, you can make this drawing of a four-leaf clover much more accessible by doing a little more preparation.

The best way to do this would be to use a pencil to plan it out. There’s always much more pressure when drawing with a pen because you must get it right the first time. Using a pencil will allow you to plan shapes, proportions, and details without fear of making mistakes. Once you have the drawing you want, you can use your pen to complete the final lines.

Your four-leaf clover drawing is complete!

We hope you had a lot of fun going through this step-by-step guide on drawing a four-leaf clover! We wanted to make this guide informative, sound, and fun, so we hope it accomplishes all that for you! Using this guide, you shouldn’t need luck to complete this drawing!

You can take this drawing one step further with the great colors and extra details you add. You can also work on an extensive background to make it even better! We can’t wait to see how you put your touches on this image.  We hold multiple additional step-by-step graphic foci for you on our website! We post new ones, so check back frequently, so you don’t forget a thing! We’d also love to see your excellent four-leaf clover drawing.

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