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Importance of Website Design in Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is the backbone of all ecommerce. Whether you have newly set up an ecommerce business or have an old one, marketing is the key aspect. Even in non-virtual businesses entirely based on physical outlets, marketing plays the most significant role in generating sales.

Now, if you think ecommerce has nothing to do with the conventional physical business strategies of marketing, you’re wrong. Whether you check the Bespoke web design UK website or a clothing brand’s site, you’ll notice the opposite. Much of the trends ecommerce follows are entirely rooted in the physical marketing sphere.

However, still, no one can deny that most of the marketing is not done on media like television, social media platforms, and apps. Amidst all this, many businesses don’t notice that the key link that they have to provide when advertising on social media is on their website.

No matter what medium of marketing you use, it should direct the user to your brand’s website. All of this means that eventually when the consumer lands your website, the site should leave a good impression.

Importance of Website Design in Digital Marketing Strategy

An attractive and professional website can definitely make them stay longer. Here are some reasons that highlight the importance of website design in digital marketing!

#1) Link Social Media

Social Media Marketing is surely a key aspect of digital marketing. If you own an Instagram business or if your marketing is largely based on social media platforms, you surely have to direct the viewers to your website. Now, if the website isn’t engaging enough, all the social media marketing effort is a waste.

You can even see the importance of website design from the fact that without an option to link an ad to your website, you cannot publish the advert. Moreover, via social media marketing, you can also keep a good track of how effective the marketing you’re doing is. Instagram business is an ideal example in this regard.

You can see what audience is viewing the page and which region is seeing your website as ‘suggested’. The Instagram business also tells you the number of males and females, the ethnic groups, and other types of consumers who mostly like your brand’s posts. All this helps evaluate how many views on the website are generated via social media.

So make sure that the business website looks perfect enough and supports the theme your brand develops on the social media handles.

#2) Sustain Views On the Website

The way ecommerce works are that whenever your website gains views or anyone opens the page, your ranking on the search engine is boosted. Now most ecommerce businesses (or even other types of businesses that have an ecommerce website) have a desire to rank above on the search engine. Not until Google’s first page ranks you, good can viewers, really reach you.

Most people check the third or fourth pages only when researching a certain subject. To rank on the first page, a business needs good SEO strategies and smooth implementation of bookish plans. This is the core where the importance of website design comes in. A good website design runs smoothly and makes sure that the viewers are catered to on time.

#3) Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is a key type of digital marketing strategy. If your business is targeting the digital medium as the only area from where to gain exposure, this is definitely a useful idea. Whether it’s a service-oriented business or a product you’re selling, influencer marketing makes people less sensitive to the importance of website design.

That is because when a celebrity or public figure is endorsing a product, many people follow them regardless of the brand’s secondary marketing. But with a professional and decent website design, you can always impress the customers even more.

One thing here is for sure: users will definitely visit your website when they see their favorite endorsing a product. So take advantage of this opportunity.


These three ways highlight the very core aspects of the importance of website design. We recommend that you try the tips we have highlighted and see them for yourself!

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